What Car: Luego Road Legal Kit car
Under the Bonnet: 1.6 Supercharged Toyota engine.
BHP: 300BHP+

What we did:

This came in for a total rewire because it had been hacked apart by more than one hobbyist, so rather than add to the wiring mess we decided to start again, Well Keith did – He gets all the best jobs!
When the car came in it had 3 fuse boxes and 8 different relay locations. For those of us that don’t understand what this means, imagine having the light switch for your kitchen in the family bathroom!
We removed and replaced all fuses and relay’s and relocated everything to one central fuse box.
All the cables were then re-run and loom taped up.

The worse bit:

Getting the ECU out of the existing wiring loom without the original ECU wiring diagram and then tracing back every wire to its original source making sure nothing was left out or missed in the process.
Once the wiring was finished we fabricated a new dashboard so we could move all the switches and get rid of all the old holes.
Best Bit: Turning on the kill switch and it working first time
Main Mechanic:  Keith the Chief

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