Audi powered pocket rocket

500 bhp audi tt powered Citroen c2

Keith goes head to head with Vas’s Renault 5 GT Turbo, but who will build the faster car?

What Car: 2005 Citroen C2

Under the Bonnet: Turbo charged +500 BHP Audi lump from a donor Audi TT

The Figures: Power: 500BHP / Weight: 800KG / 0-60: 3 seconds

The Lowdown:

After seeing Vas’s 11 second Renault 5 GT Turbo build (covered here on our blog)  Keith – Olly’s second in command – decided to bring his project forward to go head to head with Vas to see who can build the quickest street legal car. Starting life as Keith’s run around this Citroen C2 is going to be transformed into a 4 wheel drive, 500 BHP, turbo charged beast using the engine and running gear from this Audi TT 180 Quattro.

The plan:

Engine:  Audi TT 180 engine, bigger turbo, racing cams and remapped to produce over 500 BHP.
Gearbox and running gear: Audi TT gearbox with Audi Quattro 4 wheel drive system.
Bodywork: S1600 bodykit, satin gun metal grey paint, fibreglass rear windows.
Inside: Custom roll cage and bucket seats
Before work could start, Keith needed to find a donor car to supply the engine, gear box and running gear for the project. After a short search he headed to North Wales to pick up this crash damaged Audi TT 180 Quattro ready for the swap to begin.
Keith has stripped down the Citron C2 removing everything other than the windows.
With a bit of a time gap in the project, Keith got the ball rolling again and started to strip the Audi TT and very kindly got some help from Olly and Graham a friend of GBG. Graham started off by removing the front end, that included the bumpers, trim, lights and under carriage etc.
The engine fluids were then drained and recycled and the air-con gas recovered. A lot of effort was also made to remove the wiring loom in one piece as this is going to be reused in the Citroen C2
Next up the Keith dropped the prop shaft out of the rear, separating the front the rear to allowing us to remove the engine and gear box cleanly. The car was then raised up on the ramps and the engine and gear box dropped out nicely using good old gravity.
To be continued………

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