Low Down and Dirty

Air-bagged Chevy Apache


What Car: 1957 Chevy Apache

Under the Bonnet: Big Block Chevy V8

The Lowdown:

This badass patined and bagged Chevy Apache pickup is the latest edition to the collection of one of our long term customers Blaze. Having just bought it, he thought he’d best book it in with us for a full check over, something we would always recommend when buying a classic such as this. Once at the shop Brett ran his expert eyes over it and drew up a to do list!

The plan:

Suspension: Fix the leaks in the airbag system.
Electrics:  Fixing all the electrics, fit a wiper kit.
Engine: Full engine tune, lift rad up from fouling bottom hose.
Exhaust: Custom fabricated exhaust mount.
Maintenance: General maintenance to make sure vehicle is safe to drive.
Brett has fabricated an exhaust mount out of  2″x 1″ box section after discovering the exhaust was solid mounted to the frame was rattling around causing a lot of vibration.
The Apache loves to sit on the deck on its own! After investigating we discovered some major leaks to the airbag system, so we are replacing the connections with push on connectors when they arrive at the shop as they provide a tighter seal. Brett also discovered that the air pumps were not working so he traced it back to dodgy fuses and wiring which he has now fixed.
Brett has lifted the rad up as the bottom hose was fouling the sway bar and effecting the engine cooling.
The Apache came in with very little in the way of electrics, so Brett has been working on making this beast road worthy. He has sorted out the headlights, indicators and brake lights. He has also added an indictor stalk onto the sterling column, added a windscreen wiper leaver in the dash and a new main beam kick switch on the floor of the cab.
We have also added a new horn system including dual horns under the hood and a button on the dash.
To finish things off Brett has given the big block a tune so it is now running sweet. The tracking has also been adjusted and i can confirm having gone on a test drive yesterday that she drives like a dream, dead straight and for a 62 year old truck its a pretty comfortable ride thanks to the now fixed and non leaking air ride. I Just had time to get this quick snap out side the shop before the owner Blaze picks her up.

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