Mustang GT 500

Mustang GT 500



Under the Bonnet: 5.4 supercharged V8 around 650 BHP

The lowdown:

From a very young age Olly has always converted a GT500, but with the classic as rare as rocking horse s*%t and prices sky high, the modern version really is the next best thing. So when he heard about the availability of this GT500 over in Oman that needed a full engine build, he couldn’t pass up the chance to make this the next GBG project car.


Once shipped over and back at the garage we started to rebuild the engine. We laser welded a number or areas on the block. It also has had 2 new liners, new bearings, gaskets and seals and is now good for 650 bhp.

The plan:

Suspension: Uprated suspension with coilovers
Wheels: Standard graphite grey
Bodywork: Fresh paint with a twist
Engine: Rebuilt engine, custom exhaust, now putting out around 650 BHP

The result!

With the engine built, we started on the body work which to be honest was in pretty good shape. We repaired any minor scratches and dents, etched the bare metal and finished with 1000 grit.
We then stripped off the panels, stickers and badges before masking up the body ready for paint.
The Mustang looks aggressive in red but we wanted to put a twist on it, so the body was then sprayed in a custom GBG candy apple red pearl mix that really pops when the sun hits it.
Next up we prepped the bumpers and doors and painted them ready for fitting.
Now that the bumpers have been sprayed the guys start to fit them back on the car.
To set it off the wing mirrors, splitters and side skirt extensions were all coated in gloss black. The grills and badges were also restored before fitting.
Finally the guys at Motofx Wraps applied the vinyl stripes, this time in gloss black as we felt it had more aggressive look.
Golding Barn Garage custom GT500
Golding Barn Garage GT500 Black stripes
And restoration complete, a final road test will be done before this 650BHP beast goes up for sale. Any takers?

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