Porsche 911 GBG Backdate Part 3

Porsche 911 GBG Backdate Part 3


With Part 2 of the build page getting too long, welcome to Part 3 of the Porsche 911 GBG Backdate


We left Part 2 with Olly having fitted the engine and we pick up the project in part 3 with the wheels and tyres finally on the car It was a great moment to finally get them on the car. We still need to set up the suspension geometry but at last we can see the car coming together. Olly has also fitted all the hoses for the fuel and cooling systems, got to love the look of these braided hoses.
With the wheels now on we wheeled it into one of our larger bays where we will be fitting and setting up the AT Power Throttle bodies. Not only does this kit look like a work of art, it will also help push the Porsche along very nicely using the very latest modern tech.
To start off with the guys fitted the newly sprayed tin wear and fan back on the block.
After about just over 80 man hours the engine was ready to start up and tune.
Olly has handed to car over to Craig at CW Trimming who will be making a custom interior. We have opted for a black interior with Alcantara and check accents. Craig will also be cutting and fitting bespoke carpets. His workshop gave me the chance to get a few shots of the car now the wheels are on, and i have to say its looking very nice.
We had ordered in a full carpet set for the Porsche but like with most aftermarket parts it just didn’t fit, so Craig has opted to make custom carpets. Olly and myself popped over to see the progress and run through some other ideas we had for the door cards and i have to say the new bespoke carpets fit so much better.
All the carpets are now in and the seats centres have been re-trimmed in our chosen black and grey cheque. We have also added a pocked in the door cards upholstered in the same black and grey check to match the seats. The tops of the door cards have been upholstered in the same Alcantara as used on the dash. The custom carbon inserts that Olly made for the dash as getting binned as we are not happy with them and are getting replaced with a frame that will have an inlay made from the black and grey cheque to tie in nicely with the rest of the interior.
The front bumper has been sprayed and is now on the car, Kyle has given the whole front end a fuel detail and polish and the car is ready to get shipped to Vinyl one who are wrapping the whole front end in paint protection film to protect it.
With the paint protection wrap now on, Olly and myself took a trip over to Vinyl 1 to see the results. We have to say Jamie has done an excellent job, as usual, you don’t even notice it on the car. We now feel more comfortable putting the 500 test miles on her.
The struct brace has been added under the bonnet and the spare wheel has been painted to match the other wheels. We have also fabricated a box go over the battery and covered it in the tartan to match the interior. Things are not looking very tidy under the bonnet now.
The back bumper has now been sprayed and fitted to the car. There has been many man-hours fiberglassing and shaping the bumper to allow it to fit and work with the new modified shell. Unfortunately due to Covid Pete has not been able to record the process so you will just have to check out the finished results.
The boot lid has also been fitted along with the grill and a custom one-off perspex panel that sits behind the grill. This covers the throttle body trumpets so that no water can get down them, but also has cutouts to allow air into the engine.
To be continued…..

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