Porsche 914-6 restoration Part 2

Porsche 914-6 Part 2


What Car: PORSCHE 914-6

Under the Bonnet: 2.0L Flat 6 

With Part 1 of the build page getting too long, welcome to Part 2 of the Porsche 914 -6 restoration.

We left Part 1 with the Porsche getting refitted with the wiring, pipework, brakes and suspension parts. The original part have either been cleaned up and restored or replaced with new items.
We pick it up with the engine getting rebuilt Daz who is stripping it down and is having a new cam, pistons and tune to increase the performance on this 6 cylinder lump.
Daz has now been fully rebuilt the 914 – 6 with new domed pistons for a higher compression ratio. New high lift cams, new cam shafts, shaft bearings and new timing chains. With these mods and a good tune we are hoping the engine will be good for around 150 bhp. The engine has also been cleaned and detailed.
Daz has dropped the engine off and rich has started restoring and fitting the engine ancillaries. He was also cosmetically restored the gearbox and fitted it to the engine.
It is looking super clean, Daz and Rich have done an amazing  job restoring the engine. It is a shame its mid engined and you cant really see it.
The engine has now been fitted into the car.
The car’s interior is with the very talented Marine Dufraisse (Bob) the owner of L’Artisane Vehicle Upholstery who has been tasked with retrimming the Porsche seats, dash, door cards, and carpets.
We thrashed out a design concept that included a contrasting vertical grey stripe that would run vertically down the seat inserts, door cards, and the dash.
Bob started by removing the old fabric from the seat inserts. She then stitched the two new fabrics together to create the grey line.
Marine has finished the seat insets and has also restored or replaced much of the tired black vinyl on the seats
She has also finished the door cards which are looking great.
With the door cards done Bob set about adding the edging to the carpets that sit under the bonnet and boot. She has also finished retrimming the dash insert in the same fabric as the seats and door cards. The dash stripe will be added once the interior has been refitted into the car so that we can get the stripe on the dash to align perfectly with the seat.
I have to say the interior looks amazing and Bob has done a fantastic job bringing it back to life with a fresh redesign and restoration. A full photo shoot will take place when the interior is back in the car.
The Porsche is now back in the Bodyshop for the final prep and paint work to begin. Kyle has added a coat of primer and has blocked that down starting with 320 grit then 500 grit and finally 800 grit giving the primer an incredibly smooth finish for the paint to lay on to.
With the car masked up, the car was finally ready for paint and you get to see the chosen colour. Kyle has done an incredible job, the paint looks great straight out of the gun, so it is going to look even better when it’s had a final flat and polish. Let us know what you think in the “add comment” section below.
We have started the home stretch, with Kyle and Rich fitting the front and rear bumpers and light units. This should move pretty quickly now as we look to wrap up this amazing project.
To be continued…….

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