Porsche 914-6 restoration

Porsche 914-6


What Car: PORSCHE 914-6

Under the Bonnet: 2.0L Flat 6 

The Porsche 914-6 with its flat 6 engine is a true classic of the automotive world. Built between 1969 and 1972, this iconic sports car was a joint venture between Porsche and Volkswagen, and it quickly became a favourite among driving enthusiasts.
This particular car is in for a full restoration, including stripping it back to bare metal, and a full colour change. You can follow the progress here as well as through our youtube channel, We kick it off though with a few shots taken before the build starts.

The Plan:

Engine: New cams and pistons increasing the BHP by 30bhp.
Interior: Newly trimmed interior
Exterior: Strip back to bare metal, subtle body mods including side repeater delete and colour change.
We have partnered up with expert metal fabricator, Curzon Fabrication, who will be doing all the metalwork on this Porsche project. Jim has started the strip down
The strip down has revealed a few bits of rot including holes near the jacking points. The car is to get blasted in the coming weeks which will take it down to bare metal so really see what we are dealing with. however the car is pretty solid at first glance.
We have plans to do a few subtle mods to the car including side repeater and aerial deletes.
Strip down has continued with the engine now out and the Porsche now sitting on a frame ready to get transported to Just Like New Sandblasters
Gino from Brighton Recovery has transported the 914 to Just Like New Sandblasters near Horsham ready to get Sandblasted.
The guys over at Just Like New sandblasters have started to remove the underseal by heating it up with a blow torch and then scraping it off. They have also started to blast the shell. All in all it is looking pretty solid helped by the fact the car was imported from California.
To be continued…….

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