Ford Anglia


What Car: 1961 Ford Anglia

Under the Bonnet: A small put perfectly formed 1200cc engine

The Lowdown:

At the end of 2018 we ran a competition to have your car modified by us. The Lucky winner was Kay Dibling who chose to enter this awesome Ford Anglia which needs some light restoration work and we recently went to pick it up to start working on it. While discussing the plans for the car we found out that the last 15 months had been tough for Kay having been knocked off her motorbike, braking 2 vertebrae and her femur amongst other incredibly serious injuries. We are pleased to say that she is recovering, so it’s nice to be able to do this for her.

The plan:

Engine: Convert it from leaded to unleaded and give the engine a tune
Brakes: Disc brake conversion.
Bodywork: Flat and polished
Interior: New front door cards, and reupholsters the drivers seat
Charging System: New alternator, and lighting system
Kicking things off with the Anglia project we removed the head and sent it off to the guys at Spra Build in Hove to harden the valve seats in the exhaust values allowing the car to run on Unleaded fuel. They also replaced the valve guides as they were worn.
We are updating the charging system to allow for a better stereo and lights. Brett started by replacing the generator with a new alternator. This proved to be a bit tricky to install as the mounting bracket that it came with did not fit the car, typical! Brett ended up having to re drill the main bracket and adjust the rubber mounts to fit it to the block. He then adjusted the angle of the top bracket to get the new alternator to line up with the crank pulley.
Next up Brett changed the charging system to negative earth, run 2 correct amperage cables from the alternator to the positive terminal on the battery and reconfigure the wiring on the voltage regulator, and breath. It is now ready to add a better stereo and lighting system.
Next up Micky replaced the front drum brakes with discs and callipers and added a larger master cylinder to help the Anglia stop better.
Next we had the seats and door cards refurbished by the guys at CW Trimming to give the whole interior a lift as it had begun to look a bit tired in there.
With the interior in, it was time for a final clean and polish before handing the keys back to Kay, who was made up. Not only does the Anglia now look a million dollars it now drives and stops more like a modern car and with the new stereo she can now drive the Anglia with the turns blaring!

2 replies on “A Special Kay

  • Hannes Wolvaardt

    I really want to know what brake conversion kit has been used on the anglia and what needs to change to make it fit?

    • Golding Barn Garage

      Hi Hannes, this is the kit we bought for the Anglia HERE. We selected the “Nissan Micra” option on the site as the kit doesn’t come with callipers and pads, so we sourced them from CPA. It is quite straight forward to fit and does essentially bolt straight on.

      You will however also need to replace the master cylinder with a larger one.


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