What Car: 1978 VW Type 2

Under the Bonnet: 
2L Flat-four Boxer air cooled engine.


What we did:

This VW came to us and the engine wouldn’t start or turn over, not even by hand.

We diagnosed a flood damaged engine – this was achieved by using a borascope down inside the cylinder through the spark plug hole.

We also noticed on removal of the engine incorrect bolts had been fitted inbetween the engine and the gearbox – this was corrected on reinstallation.

We removed the engine and at the customer’s request sent it off to an engine re-builder. When we got it back we refitted it to the camper and on starting the engine it was running rough – we found all 4 spark plug gaps were closed and wondered how it had even started in the first place.

We cleaned and regapped the plugs – checked ignition static timing and then restarted the vehicle and tuned fuel mixtures.

The ignition timing was adjusted dynamically and at this point, we knew the starter motor and ignition also needed replacing…..cue eye-roll!

It was then sent to the Bodyshop to touch up the bodywork.

The worse bit:

Getting the engine to run smoothly as the carburettors were not standard.

All the hot air ducting that is normally on an air-cooled engine had previously been removed and therefore cold starting issues were common. Once we found the right mix Keith celebrated with a beer, and he never worked on the vehicle!!

Best Bit: Seeing it being wheeled off to paint.

Main Mechanic: Brett aka Phooey

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