Wide Arch and colour change C63

Mercedes C63


What Car: 2012 Mercedes C63

The Lowdown:

This Mercedes C63 is the 3rd car that we have booked in recently to have our wide custom rear arches fabricated and fitted. If you have not check out the other project yet head over to Jasons here and Boons here. The difference with this project is that Lee the owner has opted to go for a full colour change respray too, so keep checking back on this project guys, this is going to be a cool one to follow.
These kits are now available to purchase so if you are interested in ordering a one or would like us to convert your C63, get in touch here 

The plan:

Suspension: Adjust the ride height to allow for the new bigger wheels.
Bodywork: Custom fabricated wide rear arches, fitted and the whole car resprayed in a new colour.
Brakes: Callipers prepped and sprayed.
With our new fibre glass kits fresh out of production, Al started by cutting the inner arch back to create clearance for the new wider alloys that have been bought for the car.
The 3 door arch kit was then trial fitted and tapped up in a position we were happy with. Al then sanded back some of the paint on the wing to allow the panel bond to adhere to the bare metal. It was then drilled and screwed into place, these screws and holes will act as locators after the panel bond has been applied to the arches during the next stage.
Next he applied a bead of panel bond and screwed the new arch extension to the wing.
The whole arch was then sanded/etched before a layer of fibre glass was applied over where the arch kit meets the existing panels and this was then sanded back flush and smooth.
To finish things off nicely in the inner arch, where we cut unto the original arch we primed the bare metal and filled the gap between the panels with sealant to prevent crud getting in.
Next up a thin layer of filer was added and then rubbed down
The C63 was wheeled back into the both where it was masked up and a layer of body filler was applied and sanded back to get the shape as perfect as possible. Next it was sprayed in 2 pack primer (fine coat) and a black guide coat to help reveal any imperfections.
The swage lines were then masked up and the car was then sanded up to the tape, making sure all swage lines aligned correctly.
To be continued…….

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